Resident Curriculum Unit 3: Kidney Transplantation

Unit Objectives

I. List the indications for kidney transplantation, explain the different disease processes resulting in end-stage renal disease, and describe the treatment options.
II. Outline the basic of principles of donor and recipient selection and deceased donor organ allocation.
III. Describe and perform living and deceased donor kidney transplant procedures;
IV. Explain the basic immunosuppressive strategies used in kidney transplantation, including induction and maintenance therapy.
V. Recognize and diagnose renal transplant rejection, identify basic pathologic findings of rejection, and describe treatment strategies for rejection.
VI. Describe appropriate long term follow-up and be able to identify and treat short and long term complications of kidney transplantation.
VII. Describe the short and long term outcomes of kidney transplantation.
VIII. Outline the basic principles of renal replacement therapy; identify indications for and surgical techniques necessary to place hemo- and peritoneal dialysis access.


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