National Transplant Curriculum

The National Transplant Curriculum provides a structured educational and training framework for abdominal transplant surgery fellowships. The curriculum is intended to be a dynamic body of knowledge collected and curated by the ASTS membership.

Click here to view the learning objectives for the National Transplant Curriculum modules. 

Please enroll in each unit to begin work on the educational modules. When you complete each unit your certificate will be available at the bottom of the page under Curriculum Certificate of Completion. 

The National Transplant Curriculum is being updated to maintain the most up to accurate information, This means, if you have completed each unit and are still not receiving a certificate, please double check that you completed each module in the unit. For example, double check the Liver unit to confirm you have completed the Pulmonary Contraindications To Liver Transplant module which was recently added. There was also a recent addition to the Medical Complications unit titled Health Care Transition Following Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation.

The Chronic Kidney Allograft Rejection module has a glitch and causes the kidney transplantation unit to be marked as incomplete for some fellows. Please disregard the incomplete status of the kidney unit. Due to this module, we have made the credit printing threshold slightly lower than the number of modules. If you completed the rest of the required modules, your National Transplant certificate should still generate.

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Curriculum Certificate of Completion

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